Don’t just tell me the facts, tell me a story instead.”  Seth Godin is right, facts are boring.  Facts are hard to get excited about.  I don’t buy a BMW because of the number of its horses.  I buy a BMW because of how it makes me feel: alive, free, excited and athletic. Horsepower by itself is just a number, but combined with sporty chairs, heart pounding speakers, cornering like its on rails and its gorgeous sapphire black paint make the car become a lifestyle. They are not lying when they tell me BMW is Joy. BMW is telling a joyeous story that they live and embody in everything they do. Network marketers should and can deliver similarly to BMW.

Seth Godin says, “Be remarkable! Be consistent! Be authentic!” Ask yourself, “Is my company remarkable, consistent and authentic?” Of course you are going to say yes, but is it really? Is your company based on a good product story that is priced appropriately for its target market, or is your product just an excuse to have compensation plan? Ask yourself how many marketers stay on the product for a year after they realize they aren’t making any money?  Ask yourself how many people say yes to the product when they say no to the opportunity? Finally, ask yourself how many people out of a hundred, who say yes to the opportunity, actually have the opportunity promise fulfilled?

If you are promising a great product experience first, you are more likely to be able to deliver on your story. You cannot make a person profitable if that person does not cooperate.  You cannot force a person to show plans and enroll people into your company. If your opportunity presentation alludes to the fact that a high percentage of people are making money with your company, you are not being authentic. However, if your product story resonates, it can become true immediately in the eyes of people and they will buy your product. Aren’t we really about moving product or services any way?

Seth says, “So, go tell a story. If it doesn’t resonate, tell a different one.” If people are not asking for your product when you finish your presentation, it is time to change your story. Very few people have what it takes to make it big in network marketing, but many people have what it takes to make a $150 a month profit if the product story resonates. How much better off would the masses be with an extra $150-$300 a month. How much better off would a company be that has many multiples of people telling a PRODUCT story that resonates with the masses? How much better off would health food companies be if they were told how to tell a PRODUCT story that didn’t focus on ORAC, roving radicals, unpaired electrons and catechins? (I too was once guilty of this boring health speak that nobody understands and few really care about.) How about a story that really resonates with what people will always listen to; how to lose weight and look younger? Then, actually have a product that actually delivers on that story.

As Seth says, “Either you’re going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant.” My advice, listen to Seth.