Thursday, December 4, 2008
I woke up this morning about 4:15 am to catch my plane to Japan with a stop in San Francisco.  Japan is the first stop of a trip literally circling the globe.  I fly first to Japan for 3 days.  I will fly from Japan to Taipei, Taiwan on Monday.  I will spend four days there before I hope on a plane back to Japan, where I will fly to Chicago and then to the Netherlands.  Although this trip will require a lot of time flying, it is an honor to go to these incredible places to meet people who are catching the vision of Jus International with our income possibilities and liquid sunlight called Jus.

We are constantly looking to improve our presentation of our opportunity and product, and we are constantly looking for ways to help people make more money selling our product.  I am planning on spending a couple days with our Japan staff to help complete our sales strategy for Japan similarly to how we have implemented it in the United States.  Our goal is to be a world leader in sales similarly to what we have already accomplished with our product, which is head and shoulders above other products in the market place.

One of the problems that we have run into is that the product is so much better than what else is out there, that we talk almost only about it.  We have been neglecting to spend sufficient time teaching people about our incredible opportunity.  Our comp plan is remarkable and the stories about how people are making money with it are as amazing as the product itself.  I spent six years trying to make money in network marketing as an IBO and although I had IBOs in 14 states, the compensation plan I was working with was very difficult to make money without dedicating every waking moment focused on that business.  Although the Jus plan requires diligence, it is certainly rewarding for those who decide to work the business.

My plan for the next 11 days around the world is to help people truly understand that Jus is far more than just a groundbreaking product.  The opportunity is truly special too and affords people the opportunity to make a difference in their family’s life financially and with their health.