My house burned down.
Now I can better see
the rising moon.

– Chinese Proverb

Last night, on the way to Sun Valley with my pregnant wife and three kids, we totaled our car.  As we rounded a corner on a country highway, a large male mule deer walked across the road.  Because we were already turning while driving at least 55 miles per hour, I surprisingly told my wife in a calm voice, “Hold on, there is nothing I can do!”

As soon as we impacted the large deer, the hood of my car crumpled badly and parts of the car began falling on the highway and under my car tires.  My wife was scared but composed and my kids remained surprisingly calm until we came to a stop to inspect the damage.  As we came to a stop on the side of the country road, I stepped out into the crisp mountain air to inspect the damage.  My engine was smoking aggressively and there was evidence of the poor creature on the gnarled metal and plastic that used to be my van.

As it became evident that we were in the middle of no-where with a totaled van full of now screaming kids, I had a huge calm and happiness fill my mind and heart.  My pregnant wife and kids were safe.  I had made the proper decision to not foolishly swerve and possibly over turn my car in order to save my van.  I was blessed to have the calm to stay the course and we walked away safe.  Now I just have to figure out how to get a totaled van home that is in the middle of nowhere.