To achieve orbit, the space shuttle must accelerate from zero to almost 18,000 miles per hour, a speed nine times as fast as the average rifle bullet. By the time the first minute has passed, the shuttle is traveling more than 1,000 miles per hour and it has already consumed more than one and a half million pounds of fuel. That massive amount of fuel creates massive thrust and consequently massive momentum or speed.

Getting anything off the ground is stinking hard, and I am not just talking about the space shuttle. Entrepreneurs and network marketing companies are always so amazed that six months after the launch of their company that they have not dominated the market and people are not lining up to join them like the launch of a new iPad. Simply stated, failure to succeed in network marketing typically comes down to a failure to get in front of enough qualified prospects.

The space shuttle consumes one and a half million pounds of fuel in the first minute alone. It takes massive force and massive resources to get off the ground. Network marketers call 10 people, follow up once and then decide they have given it their all and it must be the company’s fault they failed. MLM companies create a compensation plan, manufacture a product and forget to give their people real marketing training and systems and then blame the distributors for failure. Bologna to both groups! They are both wrong.

Failure to achieve momentum in business and network marketing is usually based upon a complete misunderstanding by the players to sufficiently judge the effort and systems needed to get in front of the right number of potential buyers. The space shuttle will predictably fall to the earth without the right amount of fuel and MLM companies and their distributors will predictably fail if they do not put the right message in front of a lot of prospects. Engineering, math and lots of fuel launch the space shuttle; systems, effort and lots of people launch a network marketing business.

In the last three years I have been approached by more MLM companies than I can remember and consulted dozens more. Network marketers talk about momentum as if it were some elusive secret that is lucked upon or is somehow bestowed upon the lucky few that the MLM gods have randomly touched.

Marketing your home business is just like marketing any other business; it’s a numbers game. You have to get your marketing message in front of enough of the right people to have success, and this is where most people struggle. You must have training and systems in place that help your teams get in front of hundreds of thousands of prospects that are interested in a home business opportunity and then massively and specifically target only them with automatic systems and trained distributors.

Once you get leads in your systems, you must follow up with prospects over and over again using multiple channels of communication. Giving them the opportunity to get on a webinar, join a teleconference, call in to a recorded hotline, see and listen to testimonials, watch an interview with a top income earner, and so on. Most prospects need to be exposed to an opportunity 5 to 7 times before they take action and join or buy from you.

The right MLM marketing system does not guarantee you success, but it can help automate the process of getting in front of massive numbers of prospects. You want your team to easily duplicate your efforts. You must give them their own lead capture pages, their own follow up system, access to recorded and live webinars, training calls, sales letter emails and marketing co-ops. That way the more successful they are, the more successful you will be.

Evaluate your MLM marketing system. Is it really easy enough for a new person to use it right now? Does it have the right processes to give a new person confidence to share your company within minutes of enrolling? If you cannot confidently answer both of those questions, you may now know why your company is struggling to achieve any kind of momentum. Success comes when massive numbers of qualified prospects see your message. What are you doing to ensure that for your company?