Superstardom knows no sex, age or color. Being a superstar in anything requires natural born talent or cultivation of talent over time. However, unless you were born with every skill needed to be a superstar at your chosen field, you are going to have to be like the rest of us and build your talents. Knowing how to identify potential superstars in your downline and how to develop your own skills to become a superstar are essential to becoming profitable. Here’s your warning: becoming a superstar in network marketing is not for everyone, especially for the wallflowers who must change their entire demeanor. I do believe it is possible for people to become very profitable with coaching and extreme determination, but it is not for the wimps.

My next few posts are going to be very real. I have developed curriculum’s that can point people in the right direction, but they are not for lazy people or someone who finds excuses. My suggestions for extreme profitability in network marketing are only for the person that is mentally ready to take their psyche to peak levels needed to succeed in network marketing. If you are going to easily give up, you will become a part of the 97% who are never profitable in network marketing.

Network marketing involves sales. Anybody who tells you that you do not have to be good at sales to succeed at network marketing is telling half-truths. Success in network marketing can come as a result of finding a great product and meeting great people. However, if success is defined as profitable, then you must learn to sell.

A strong ego is vital to success in sales. Just because a person has a strong ego does not mean that person has to be viewed as pompous or arrogant. Everybody knows Donald Trump has a healthy ego, and some people cannot stand how he carries himself. His ego has served him well in business, but few people can act the way he does and not be punched in the face.  Some very successful people, such as George Lucas and Bill Gates, made their fortunes with strong egos that would allow them to get past rejection without appearing brash and overstated the way that Trump does. However, Lucas and Gates never would have made their fortunes if they were timid and did not sell their new ideas to whoever would listen to them. They are rich today as a result of not letting a “no” get them down.

Confidence and a strong ego are very necessary in network marketing because of frequent rejection. In his book The Ultimate Sales Machine, Holmes writes that a superstar salesperson must have a strong ego, show a great ability to influence others, is empathetic, has a psychological need to bond with others and a need to find something likable about every person. However, if the person is too empathetic he will be too understanding and never close a sale. The salesperson and the network marketer must be able to push with empathy. If you believe in your product or service, you should passionately push, but do so in a manner that does not offend in the process. This takes practice, study and time for most people.

When you are looking for future superstars, many times you miss them because they may seem annoying. They are always hanging around, asking questions and sometimes seem way to eager. Many potential superstars that have not honed their craft seem to need way too much attention and tend to never shut up. They can come on way too strong. Novice superstars in training have an audacity that can be off putting. However, audacity and bravado are essential ingredients needed to achieve greatness in anything.

My next post I will talk about how to test your downline to see if they have natural skills to be a superstar or if you have a lot of teaching to do.