Epic – [ep-ik] – heroic; majestic; impressively great; spectacular; very impressive; awesome.

I am epic, and so are you.

Whatever can be said in praise of entrepreneurial induced rags-to-riches stories, they are better experienced with a loving partner to help you escape your pits of financial despair and not lose all faith in the process.

After more than a year hiatus without writing another Epic Rule of Success, I write today sitting on the balcony of an amazing condo in Escondido, California with a vineyard below me, the 9th hole of an amazing course to my left, green mountains surrounding me on all sides, the playful screams of my five children behind me and the cool California breeze gently nibbling at my face. I am happy. Life is epic.

Tomorrow is a work day and I will have some phone calls, but for more than a year now, I have not had to go to an office. I have more money than month and my savings account actually isn’t embarrassing any more. Strangely enough, only about four years ago I was rehabbing a major injury, losing my business because I couldn’t travel and draining my savings account at an alarming pace. I was stressed, but not lost because I had gone through this twice before (minus the major leg injury).

Through it all, my lovely lady has stood by my side. She has been with me through the good and the bad of my entrepreneurial adventures. She encouraged me through it all and has guarded our five most valuable assets as we did our best to dig out of the financial holes I dug with my fanatical entrepreneurial adventures.

I can’t say that I have arrived, I have a lot more to accomplish, learn and do. However, I can say that through it all I can count on one thing, Angela will be there to lighten my load. Whatever we accomplish, it will be together and nothing brings me more happiness and peace in this life than being her husband and the father of our five children.