People hate to be uncomfortable. So why in the world do so many people in network marketing teach principles that make both the distributor and the prospect so miserable? If we want to grow big groups that duplicate, we must focus on attracting people, not repelling them.

I just listened to part of an instructional CD from a well-known MLM trainer. This guy has made a ton of money in network marketing and he was saying some really incredible stuff.  Then, he blew it. He talked about posturing and taking “it” away from bad prospects. This particular guy is on his third company since he made this recording and he makes a fortune everywhere he goes.  However, he has also left a lot of dead bodies in his wake. Just because he can sell ice to Eskimos does not mean he should.

I believe in confidence and creating scripts that are easy to use, but not in teaching people to manipulate to gain the upper hand in the conversation. This kind of false bravado really got me in trouble when I first started in network marketing. This chest pounding is exactly the attitude that kills the new guy trying to emulate the big shot because he can’t pull it off.  Manipulation just makes networkers look silly and hard to be around.

Real sales training helps people build rapport and educate the person in front of them. Sales (and that is what we do in network marketing) is something you do for somebody and not to them. True networkers know that educating the prospect about a series of problems with their solutions is what creates desire. Effective sales training teaches people to focus on the needs of the person in front of them and not myopically on their own selfish desires.


If you want to be fascinating, show fascination first.

If you want to be interesting, be interested first.

If you want to be successful, care about helping someone else being successful first.


Really evaluate yourself this week. Are you educating prospects or trying to manipulate them? Are you providing value to each person you are with or just trying to make a sale?

New Episode of Networking Star

Last month I was watching some footage of Kathy Coover from Isagenix. She encouraged the audience to be ambassadors for network marketing. It does not matter what company you are with, that is great advice. This month we posted an episode featuring another ambassador to network marketing, BK Boreyko from Veema. I love filming these great leaders because I learn so much when I am with them. I hope you continue to learn too.

Dedicated to your success,

Jeffery Boyle