Do you believe in making a ruckus?

I hope you do. We need more disrupters. I’m an entrepreneur and more specifically, a network marketer, and I think I want to make a ruckus.

Business and MLM needs more ruckus makers, or people who bring forth new ideas and disrupt the status quo. Passionate people dedicated to rethinking the past and making the future better.

We need MLM ingenuity in a big way. The past must be learned from but should not dominate our thoughts and actions.

Your father’s MLM is not working any more, it is dying a slow death and taking dreams with it.

Challenge pricing. Rethink your products. Quit buying the overpriced, low quality products if you are a distributor. Demand improvement, demand quality.

Mentor more. Mentor better. Mentor with real intent.

Do something different and do it better.

Be a difference maker…or just wait for others to do it like everybody does and keep being miserable.


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