How many times have you been told to make yourself the hero when telling your story and shaping your marketing message? Did you know that could be a mistake that is preventing you from crushing it in sales?

In this blogcast, Jeff Boyle interviews Patrick Combs, an incredibility powerful story coach. Patrick says that while making you the hero is a “good” technique, there is a much better way. Instead, place the person at the other end of the table as the hero. And you become the guide to help them get there, since you’ve been there. And the product you’re selling is the tool that will get them there.

With this technique, instead of people listing to a story all about you, they are listening to a story about them and what it could happen. With your help they can conquer the challenges in their life and you can be their guide. And the product will help along the way.

What a powerful paradigm shift! And that was just ONE from the blogcast. Patrick mentioned several others. Check it out!

You can learn more about Patrick at his website,

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