Having a constant stream of hot leads is a key to success for any network marketers’ business. In this blogcast episode, Jeff Boyle talks with Mike Budny, and tackles the topic of lead generation. Mike has worked with a lot of big entrepreneurs and companies and has a history of success in developing successful sales funnels.

It’s critical to first identify who your key market is and what makes your product unique, Mike said. Most people want to do too much for everyone. You need to be very niche specific – addressing a specific problem for a specific group of like-minded individuals.

One way to narrow your audience and refine your messaging is to start by identifying your best friends and those you hang out with. Many don’t realize it, but your ideal customer will be those you like spending time with and they will often have similar interests as you. And you can easily speak to their challenges and interests because they’re the same ones you’ve had. From there, you can craft your unique story of how you got to where you are from there.

Watch the blogcast to learn other lead generation success tips from Mike Budny.

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