Jus International PrelaunchThe night was an amazing success. Hundreds of people from all over the the US came to our prelauch event. The event was held April 18 at the Linen Building in downtown Boise. From 4 until 9:00 there was a steady stream of people coming to take a look at Jus International.

The party was just that, a party. We had ice sculptors, shot glasses filled with Jus Antioxidant and plasma televisions showing our latest company overview.

The next day we had a training and recognized the many developing leaders within Jus. For me it was very exciting to see our vision of professional people enjoying themselves, making money, and helping others improve their health with our incredible Jus Antioxidant.

Thank you to everyone who came to both events. They were an amazing success. Check out the photos below. I am also including a video by someone who attended the event. We will have a company video coming out showing what happened at the event later on.


Jus Scooter

Jus Shots

Jus Banners

Jus Prelaunch