Jus Momentum 2008

Jus Momentum 2008

Las Vegas was a great place to launch Jus.  The hundreds of people in attendance had an incredible time and were a part of history.  Before Jus International had officially launched, we had already paid over a half a million dollars in commissions and we were already in two countries.  2009 will be something remarkable.

I was incredibly proud to be a part of a growing team that believes so much in each other and the future of a company can truly make a difference in people’s lives.  At the event we proud to have Troy McClain give us a self-marketing speech, hear from many of our successful IBOs, and announce the Jus Jel that will available in 2009.

We had IBOs from all across the country and two countries: Taiwan and Japan.  Japan brought a great group of people.  Although we had been shipping products to Japan, we were not officially open and we had already qualified ambassadors who were a part of the trip.  We believe Japan has a great future with Jus.  The Japanese IBOs were also thrilled to welcome Rick Durham as he flew in on his private plane for the event.

img_0142I also had the incredible opportunity to bring my wife and oldest son.  I am passionate about what this business will do for people involved, but my reason to build this business has everything to do with my own family.  I was so happy to have Parker and Angela with me for this great start of our company. I even found time to go to Circus Circus with Parker and Phil.  We rode roller coasters, got fake tatoos and went rock climbing, it was a great day and a great event.

There are a ton of great photos at Jus Gallery, just click on the link to see a ton of great photos.