Saturday, December 6, 2008

I met today with a magazine, Network B, here in Japan for network marketing with our Operations Director, Kunihito Toma. I was impressed with the Editor in Chief, Takita Shozo, and his questions that he had for us.

Japan really takes network marketing serious.  Mr Shozo had very good questions about what we have experienced in the United States and what we hope to accomplish here in Japan.  The interview was a reminder to me about how important it is that we understand each market and adjust accordingly.  For example, here in Japan we are switching to a Japanese based software so that the back office can be used by the Japanese on there phones and it takes into consideration so many things American software designers are not aware of for this market.

I also spent considerable time today with Kunihito and our sales manager Endo Shin discussing how we can best take care of our ever-growing IBO base here and how to be fulfill their expectations.  I am impressed with many of our IBOs’ passion and desire to spread the word about our product and also our compensation plan.  I know that our management here truly wants to serve our IBOs and I am very positive about the growth we are about to see here.