Japan Opportunity Meeting The trip to Japan started eventfully yesterday. Phil and I had to sprint through the airport just to get on the plane because of a delay from Boise to San Francisco. Our flight to Japan left San Fran at 1:00 and we did not land until 12:40. We sprinted and made the plane just as they were closing the door.

It was a fun way to start the trip but we made it. However, our luggage did not. I will be wearing some of Stewart’s clothing until my stuff comes. We are excited to see all that is going on in Japan. Product arrives this week and we expect big things.


We have been home a week and I am finally getting to updating our trip. It was amazing. We had a ton of new people come to our meetings. We also have some very experienced leaders in Japan. We are thrilled with how Japan’s first week with product went. It was nice to have Japanese leaders and new IBOs receiving checks.

Jus Japan temporary officeThe Jus office in Tokyo occupies the 5th and 6th floor near the Roppongi area. Kunio Toma and his team are doing a great job of getting the new Jus members the things that they need. Their presentation is effective and we here at corporate learned many things from them on our trip. We are modifying some of our presentation to emulate some of what they do in Japan. We already have a team of people who will be ready to provide customer service as we begin to plan to be on the ground and out of the Not for Resale period of our company there. It is exciting to see how fast they have gotten up to speed and have attracted experienced network marketers from all over the country. The last day Phil and I were in Japan, 80 new applications were turned in from areas outside of Tokyo.

Jus Japan Leaders Before our first opportunity meeting, we had a chance to sit down and meet some of our leaders. It was amazing to see the level of commitment and expertise that have been attracted to our meetings. The key to growing a network marketing business is attracting the right leaders. Japan has the right leaders and they are going to be integral to Japan’s success.

I am grateful I had the chance to be with the Japanese people and hope to visit frequently. It is an honor to have such great people be a part of our team.