How much passion do your employees put into the business? How much passion do your field marketers put into the business? If there is an imbalance between the field and your home base, you need to correct it quickly.

I have tried but have not been able to verify the veracity of the story I am about to relate, but true or not, it makes a very good point.
When the USA was falling behind in the space race to the their old foes, the Russians, President Kennedy made a trip to Cape Canaveral. As he toured the facilities he asked three janitors, “What is it you do here?” The three answers were diverse and telling:
1. “Earn a living.”
2. “I pick up the trash.”
3. “Mr. President, I’m helping to put a man on the moon.”

The fabulous book Brains on Fire says:

You can’t have passion without purpose. The two are intertwined. What are you passionate about? And why are you passionate about it? Now, how does that connect with a sense of purpose? That part of you that believes you’re making a difference or standing up for something you believe in?

Perhaps it is a time to do a passion check of your employees and see how it compares with the field. Do the newbies or those with less visible roles understand the importance of having passion and purpose? Does the field feel excited when they come to your office or do they feel it is “us against them”? Maybe it is time to find out.