Much has been written about success. My book shelf is full authors professing to have the answers to achieving everything from fame to fortune. However, similar to defining wealth, I believe that the definition of success is personal and can change over time. For sake of simplicity, I personally define success as being in a state of peace.

The combination of peace of mind and peace in relationships is powerful. When my mind is peacefully active and I am surrounded by the right people, I thrive. Peace allows innovation and prosperity but also requires real effort. Effort that can be wasted when the mind is not right and I am surrounded by the wrong people.

I have spent the last couple weeks taking personal inventory of my relationships, my bank account, my state of mind and who I spend my time with. It has been a journey of prayer, reflection and has not been without challenging decisions, but it has been exciting. I have had to audit what I do, how I do it and who I want to be with to ensure I am in a state of ongoing peace and prosperity.

I think well with my fingers, writing is cathartic and helps take the intangible and make it real. This blog post is for me, if you find it useful, that’s a big bonus for me. The following are my tenants of success that bring me peace and are proving to bring with it prosperity:

Perpetual Service

A dedication to helping others and serving their needs is a sublime experience of knowing that one is useful and capable of generating harmony and peace in another human being.

Continual Education

Working each day to improve my mindset from scarcity to abundance through mental expansion and self-belief activities. Prepare for abundance by being in an environment to achieve success through instruction and discipline to proven success principles.

Physical Transformation

Changing and powering my body through proper diet, exercise and dress is essential to human development. Lack of physical discipline now will rob me of the ability to enjoy financial rewards in the future. A broken body prevents me from experiencing true abundance.

Strong Relationships

Creating awareness of those who surround me is vital to an environment of innovation and prosperity because I become who I associate with. Finding good mentors and mentoring others creates true abundance exchange through accountability.

Money Consciousness 

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. My current lack or abundance is a result of my choices in the past. My future depends upon vigilance, calculated risk and adherence to the principles of perpetual service, continual education, physical transformation and my strong relationships.