In this training, Jeffery Boyle previews many of the new tools that we have been developing in anticipation for the Jouve launch. Now that it’s finally here, we can start using these tools.

Some of the tools will be exclusive to those that are users in the ARIIX Income System. For example:

  • We have a new Jouve video that can only be found in the income system.
  • There is a new Jouve email campaign that has a buy now button that ties back to your account. So it people click on the button and purchase products, then you get the credit for you.

One of the things Jeffery talks about is how excited everyone is for Jouve. People want to look and feel younger. He talks about prospects that can’t get enough information and are begging for more. This is a real, once in a lifetime opportunity. And with Jouve, Slenderiiz, PureNourish Beauty Boost and Vinali and many of the other products – this is truly the most comprehensive, anti-aging system available anywhere in the world. And we have an opportunity to help people take advantage of this fountain of youth.

During this webinar, Jeffery showed many of the tools now available, including a new mobile marketing app that allows you to send blast texts, create drip text campaigns, have keyword campaigns and much, much more.

You can find all of these tools at

Watch the webinar to learn more!

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