In this webinar training, Jeffery Boyle walks through his advanced marketing training. The concept at its core is to integrate all the tools we already have into one system and to keep it as simple as possible.

Jeffery has been integrating the mobile texting app with the ARIIX Income System, and combining that will all the videos and fliers and brochures available and pulling it all together into one system.

And these tools are what is helping Jeffery attract large groups that number in the thousands, and this can work for you too!

Jeffery also reiterated that any training he does starts with the basics. We need people in our downlines to contact 100 people within 30 days. That works out to 5 people every day. Doing that day after day is the key to success. And then focus on tools and systems that are duplicatable – the things that your downline can do.

Even though one would expect advanced training to be things that only a few can do, these are things that everyone can do. It is just a matter of integrating it all together.

Check out the video to learn the details!

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