Do health supplements really improve your health? Dr. Strand, a medical doctor, was converted after his wife’s health improved dramatically because of them. Prior to that point, his wife suffered from a medical condition and wasn’t getting any better despite taking nine prescriptions and seeing several specialists. In this blogcast, Networking Star host Jeffery Boyle discusses with Dr. Strand the importance and impact of heath supplements.

Dr. Strand is an author, MD, successful businessman and a network marketer. His two most widely read books are “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know about Nutritional Medicine” and “Healthy for Life.”

Dr. Strand told Jeff that after his wife’s experience, he couldn’t believe it. Could the supplements be the cause of her dramatic improvement? He determined that they were and he started researching everything he could on preventative medicine and regaining health. That was his conversion and he has been sharing it with others since then. And it was his medical peers that encouraged him to put his research findings into a book, especially since he was so passionate about it.

That was several years ago. And while many, many more “western” doctors are adding to the growing body of evidence, Dr. Strand mentioned that the basic principles of preventative health haven’t changed.

Watch the blogcast to learn more.

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