I can make money with any product with the right compensation plan. I am sure if you have been in direct sales, MLM or network marketing long enough you have heard that line. It is pure silliness. When I was first involved in network marketing that was the attitude. It was wrong then, it is wrong now. Except for a small percentage of disingenuous-silver-tongued-sales gurus, this has never worked in traditional retail nor for the masses in direct sales.

I remember when I was first learning how to become a network marketer my upline encouraged me try the new raisin bran. The bran was bland and the raisins tasted like sugary rocks. They were terrible and never should have passed product compliance. When I told my upline I would never buy them again, I was reminded that it didn’t taste bad, it tasted like money…what?

Let me remind all of us in direct sales that we are still in the product/service business first, not the opportunity business. The most stable companies in economically hard times are the ones who create true product value. With only a small percentage of the marketers making high commissions even in good times, remember to look for value in the product first and your opportunity will always be safe.