How do you succeed in Network Marketing? If you ask Lynn Allen-Johnson, who has been very successful in two different companies, the key is deciding that you will succeed no matter what. In this episode, Networking Star show host, Jeffery Boyle, talked with Lynn about her experiences and what she’s learned along the way.

She said a key to how to succeed in Network Marketing is you have to decide. Do you REALLY want to make a change? You have to look at this as a business, she said. You’ve gotta want it more than you fear rejection or fear what people say.

Lynn said some people laughed at the beginning when she got started, but she was hungry and she wanted success. She wasn’t deterred. And she decided not to just to give it a try. If she had just decided to give it a try she wouldn’t have been successful. But she drew a line in the sand and said failure is not an option. If others can do it, I can do it, she said. She had to figure it out as I went, but she knew she would succeed in Network Marketing and that it would be the vehicle to my freedom.

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