What is it that people really want out of life?  Big business marketers, religious leaders and psychologists all ask that question.  We in network marketing think that we ask it, but rarely is it really asked with conviction because we are just hoping they will say money.  I’m here to tell you that money is not really what matters to you or your prospects in the way you think.  Oh sure we say we want to be millionaires, but few people are really willing to do what it takes to be rich.  If you really want to matter long-term in the minds of others, you need to learn how to understand what they really want and not what you want for them.

People are truly seeking for good experiences in life.  I would even be so bold as to say that they are looking for great experiences.  People want to feel alive and money is often too difficult of a concept for most people to truly believe they can achieve “lots of it”.  The belief of big money is hard because most of your prospects have never had more than a 9-5 job.  However, if you can truly help people achieve a good experience at your meetings and with your product, you will attract the masses.  When you attract the masses and not just MLM junkies, you will have a business that is built to last generations, not just a couple years.

If you want to a business that is built to last, we as corporate managers and top distributors must strive to improve the lives of our employees, our distributors and our families.  Network marketers are great because they can learn to think bigger than just 9-5 if they stick with it.  When we begin to think big, we want accomplish more in our lives.  When network marketing is done properly, we can have meaningful lives by truly concentrating on a joyous experience for the people around us.

Robert Brunner and Stewart Emery said, Humans strive to improve their situation with the ultimate goal of ongoing happiness and joy in their lives.  Everything we do, difficult or easy, fun or painful, has something to do with having a better experience of being alive.  We want this for us, our loved ones, and on some level for society at large.  And along the road traveled, we want to make the actual traveling the best it can be.”

So, how do we create better experiences for our groups and ourselves?  First, start with a goal of creating a superior experience in our products.  Unfortunately, many companies have a product that would never sell in a traditional retail location without an “opportunity” behind it.  If you are selling a product for a company that has very small percentages of retail sells, you should probably be concerned.  If your product has no emotional impact beyond money, your product will not sell itself.  If you must rationalize, compare and measure your product to others, you may not have a product with a true emotional impact for the masses.  If people need to look up scientific journals to understand your offering, you are not likely to create true emotional impact.

To attract the masses, you must understand one thing very quickly; your prospects and downline are human beings.  They are far more emotionally driven than you give them credit for.  People can feel when you are full of it and when your product is money driven and not experience driven.  Make no mistake, there are currently some products that are not very good that are making their companies millions of dollars, but those products will not sustain the decades a good product experience or company experience would need to create generational money.   A money driven product will eventually run its course and be replaced by the next money driven product and your downline will go with it.

For your downline to pass the test of time, you must embrace the emotional side of people.  You must understand most people continue to attend meetings because they feel accepted and are having a good experience. They quit buying the product when they stop feeling accepted or that the promise of money is gone.  When we address the question of what people want from life, you will gear your meetings and events toward insuring that people have compelling information that makes their life better regardless if they make money or not.  When we address our product offering, we must accept the fact that most people do not make money in network marketing and they will take their business elsewhere if it is based more on making money than enriching their lives.  Your prospects want products and events that are insightful, gainful even if they aren’t making money and most importantly, FUN.

When network marketing companies and top distributors truly understand what their people desire, they will last the test of time.  Understanding the humans in your group is not easy and it is not something the accounting side of your mind will ever understand.  Just remember first, you are human too.  What makes you happy?  When you are alone, focus on your own happiness and how to help others get more happiness in their lives.  When you are with your group, focus on their happiness.  Really focus on their happiness and not just making money.  When you truly find what makes your group happy, you will matter in network marketing, and frankly of more importance, life.