The economy is bad, there is little opportunity, there is no hope… Yeah, I’ve heard it too. The problem is with the nay sayers’ mantra, is that there is hope and there are people truly taking advantage of the opportunities out there.

For the past three years I have focused on giving network marketing companies solutions for their new marketers. It has been hard to give solutions and then not watch them be implemented with true persistence. Without real persistence people can’t see if something works or not.

I have spent the last three days working just with new entrepreneurs. I forgot how much I liked it and how much I missed it. There is nothing like the excitement that comes with hope of a new network marketer. However, there is also nothing like the disappointment that follows if new entrepreneurs are not given proper training and systems to follow. Hope can come crashing down if proper tools are not given with the right training.

About three months ago our team started working on a marketing and follow up system to help new network marketers know what to do from the moment they start and then give them an automated system that helps them instantly be able to spread their network marketing message. I even put my money where my mouth is and I have been helping call and prospect. I have had success and some rejection. But it has been great to implement a system and experience the joy of the journey each day.

It is one thing to teach network marketing skills and something altogether different to experience it. To achieve real success as a network marketer, Multi-level Marketer (MLM), or anything sales related; you need massive marketing, massive persistence and massive duplication if you want to create residual income. When I started as a network marketer 19 years ago that meant a lot of manual actions and heavy lifting. Today, network marketers have tools I never had in the early 1990’s. The last three days my automated system has helped me break the ice and do much of the heavy lifting. It has been great.

The best thing to keep in mind when you are prospecting with an automated system is that you can never remove the human experience if you want to really help pepole. Automated systems help enormously, but you must still remember to contact people and follow up when your system notifies you of their new activity. It was fun yesterday when the system notified me when people opened an email, visited my site or watched a video; but then it was my responsibility to follow up with them. With the system came a lot of helpful information, but it was up to me to use that information proactively.

Success in marketing, whether that be network marketing, MLM or sales requires you to get your message in front of a lot of people in order to find the ones who are truly interested. A system just helps you know who looked at your information and who did not. Knowing who took the time to look at what you sent them can save you many hours by not waisting your time with the wrong, unqualified people.

There is hope even in a bad economy. Tools and systems can help, just make sure you are getting the training you need to really succeed. When you have taken the time to train, don’t forget that you are going to have failure too. Real success comes from over coming obstacles and there are always obstacles. You can succeed in this economy, you just have to be willing to do more than complain about bad times.

Dedicated to your success,

Jeffery Boyle