Many people join network marketing to free themselves of a boss.  The allure of owning your own business and being accountable only to yourself is very appealing.  The problem is clear, however, that few people have the discipline to hold themselves accountable consistently and the dream of personal business ownership often begins to seem unrealistic. That begs the question, can we expect our downline to be accountable to mentors for what they are doing each day?  For leaders to every achieve the levels of lasting profitability they desire, they must expect it.

Not all new networkers will take accountability seriously.  Some networkers will think they have all the answers right when they start, but we know what happens that that person after a couple months, they end up coming back for help or quitting. Some networkers simply do not have the stomach to do what it takes on a consistent basis.  However, the most hungry future leaders will do what it takes to succeed and they will attack any obstacle in front of them to achieve success.  These networker proteges will only hold themselves accountable to a person that is where they want to be and who is truly doing what he or she is preaching.

I discussed the pain points that top leaders from different companies have told me are obstacles to their success.  For review those pain points are:

  • Lack of accountability from downline.
  • Stretched too thin to spend quality ?time with real leaders.
  • How to effectively identify ?future leaders.
  • System adulteration in depth.

To achieve great results in your downline, you must be willing to take time now to replace yourself.  To relieve your pain as a leader, you are going to have to dedicate yourself to consistent training every day.  The tribal method of training does not work.  Tribal method is rampant within network marketing and consists of information being passed down the levels or generations without a formal daily, weekly and monthly curriculum.  It is done similarly to ancient Beowulf and the story keeps changing with each generation in depth.  I have felt the pain points above and having spent the last year visiting with network marketers across the globe, I can tell you they do too.

As a result of hearing the same pains over and over, we decided to build a system that helps, we call it Mentor DNA.  At its heart, Mentor DNA is focused on giving the right people, the right time with leaders who care about their success.  The most impressive result will be  that by measuring the daily activities of marketers, the leader mentor has direct insights and empirical data showing them if their proteges are really doing what it takes to succeed.  It can all be measured on a dashboard that shows their daily activities.  Knowing what a marketer’s commissions are can be helpful, but it is incomplete data and does not tell you what you need to know to help them succeed. Mentors and leaders need to know details of what a marketer is doing to understand why commissions are going up or down.  When you add accountability to an automated and integrated curriculum, what you get is a pure system that does not adulterate, measurable results and the benefits of live mentors working with proteges proving they deserve the time.

I love helping truly hungry people succeed.  I even loved driving hours to help a marketer grow the business.  I simply wanted to help others like me who believe in other people and want them to succeed.  Sadly we often miss the true future leaders by helping the wrong person.  That can be fixed and Mentor DNA can help.