“You can help a thousand, but you cannot carry 3 on your back. Learn to help those who deserve, not those who need” – Jim Rohn

I have spent many hours on the road building downlines as an IBO and also a company executive.  One thing is for sure, some people do not deserve your time or your efforts.  There are many ways to build people, one of them is not doing all of the work for them.

You only have so much energy and so much time in the day.  You must be careful to spend time with the people who are willing to duplicate your efforts by helping others.  You must be careful that you never give anybody the indication that you will do everything for them.  Jim Rohn is right, you cannot carry people on your back to be successful in this business.

When you enroll a new person it is your duty to explain to them that they should be willing to spend 7-10 hours each week in business building exercises.  They must be willing to buy good books and listen to inspirational speeches instead of the radio on the way to work.  They must be willing to work as a team and not expect the upline to do all the work for them.

As an upline, you must be willing to spend the time to mentor, but not carry your downline.  There is a big difference.  Mentoring is done by teaching and doing.  You cannot expect most new people to make the first couple presentations alone.   However, if you are still showing all the plans for your new person in the second month, you likely do not have a real leader.

Learn to work with the people who need your help.  Be in front by example by always looking for new people yourself.  Learn to help those who deserve, not just those who need.