Rule 1 – Expect high output. A network-marketing superstar does not need to have years of experience in sales or in network marketing. Age and background are irrelevant. Chet Holmes says, Young or old, if you have the stuff, we’ll know
My circle of influence is much greater today, but when I started in network marketing I was 22. My circle of influence was young and I was in inexperienced.

My upline saw that I was willing to show a lot of presentations from day 1. They did not care that I was young, because I was hungry and just needed to be taught what to do. As I learned what to look for in my group, one of my best sponsoring distributors was a 70-year-old retired dentist; who knew he would be good at network marketing. Expect more from everyone, the studs will rise to the top.

Rule 2 – Four hours a week won’t create much profitability. Read my last post in this series. Monavie distributors that put in 4 hours a week made almost nothing. Monavie distributors who put in 9 hours a week were making pretty good money. You know that you don’t have a superstar if he or she is not willing to put in the time.

Rule 3 – Test your people who say they are committed. Many marketers cringe at this rule. “I want everyone to be comfortable,” they think. “I don’t want to blow anyone out.” Well fine, have an underachieving group that never gets big if you don’t have the guts to ask more from your people. You have to know what your people are really doing each day in their business. Are they really showing the business as much as they say? If you know that your pseudo star is not really showing the plan as much as he claims, say this, “I don’t think you are nearly as committed as you say you are. I want everybody in my group to succeed, but I spend my travel money and the bulk of my time with those who are really committed. I don’t know if that is you or not. Are we going to do this or not?”

Holmes says that most HR departments encourage a loving and nurturing environment for businesses, but superstars must be challenged. I believe that is the same for your downline for the most part. You should gently encourage the 97% who are not ready to really commit to your business. However, if somebody claims that they are a 3% club member, you better test them before you spend 3 months dedicated to building their business traveling across the world for them when they are lollygagging. If you challenge a possible superstar; no matter age, sex or experience, they will rise to the occasion and disagree with you if you tell them they are not a 3% member. The 97% person who claims to be a star will not challenge you. A budding superstar will tell you she is committed and challenge you back. When the person rises up, challenge them to new levels of commitment. When they do not challenge you, love them, help them and encourage them to stay at it because they can learn how to become a superstar over time. Either way, you need to know what you have.

Rule 4 – Ask lots of questions. Interview your people on what they are doing each day, week and month. Know what is happening in their groups and if the rising leader is doing what is necessary to help them become a superstar. Do not hurt your 97% people in any way, but know you must take measures to know what your people are really doing. Smart uplines have an idea of what their downline is doing each day. Real superstars will not be afraid to be accountable. They want help and they will work hard to gain your respect.

Rule 5 – Know your people. Have your people take personality tests. A great book is Personality Plus. My upline, when I built an Amway business, loved using this book to understand us and how to better help us succeed. Certain personality traits are necessary to succeed in network marketing, they can be natural or learned. Either way, it sure helps to know your people and how to help them succeed.

Rule 6 – Superstars are not easy to find. Whether you personally sponsor a possible superstar or you find them in your downline, you will have to work to find them. Give your superstars and possible superstars your time and your attention. It breaks my heart to not be able to spend equal time with everyone who wants it, but you cannot spend a lot of time with the people who are not rising to the occasion. When you are new, you must have the discipline to sponsor everyone but search aggressively for superstars. If you are not looking diligently, you will miss some of the great ones right in front of you.

Rule 7 – I reserve the right to change my rules as I get better. If you think you have all the answers in this business, you are fooling yourself. Learning is the name of the game and it never stops. However, finding superstars is vital to your success and if you follow the rules above, you WILL find some real stars.