On December 22, I took my family to see a Christmas display that was near a busy shopping center. My five kids range from two months to 13 years so we formed a mini chain of holding hands to keep the littler ones close as we attempted to navigate the Christmas horde. While riding an escalator I looked down at my little clan and then into my wife’s eyes and I had a moment of complete love and contentment. For that one moment on an escalator amidst the noise and commotion of a million people, time seemed to stop and my life was perfect.

It was a beautiful and surreal moment…and then we lost Andrew for moment and Ethan yelled at me to put him down so he could throw rocks. Parker wanted an iPad. Dylan spit up all over himself. Katie, well she’s perfect, but I am sure she had a negative thought or something like that. I became frustrated and demanded we leave. I muttered something out loud about how stupid it was to be there with so many people. My sister laughed at me for muttering and Angela took pictures while asking me to kiss her in front of the lights.

So what does this have to do with goals? Even amidst the spit up, kicking, screaming and moments of being lost; it was very clear to me that my family is everything. They give me something to live for, motivation to work hard and the inspiration to constantly improve to be worthy of their love and admiration.

There will be a lot of advice in the next couple weeks on how to set goals and what you need to do to achieve them. My advice is much more simple. Find something or someone that inspires you to overcome your obstacles and fears but also creates a burning passion that gives you the energy to become something greater than what you are right now. For me that inspiration comes from Angela, Parker, Katie, Andrew, Ethan and Dylan; even when they spit up.