Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy.  Most people are so married to their own ideas, that it is next to impossible to entertain anything new.  Unfortunately, the inability to entertain new ideas is what stops personal growth and keeps people comfortably miserable.

Bob Proctor tells us that if we are going to improve we are going to have to have an open mind and an open mind is being prepared to throw away some of our most cherished beliefs when a better one comes along.

The vast majority of people seem to back into the future dragging all of their own experience with them and when they are confronted with a new idea they ask themselves “does it fit?”  If it doesn’t, they say “it is wrong!” The “wrong” ideas are typically what are making you miserable.

What we need to do is ask ourselves “Will this new idea improve the quality of my life or is it going to take me in another direction?”  Before you throw something away as rubbish, you better know that it is not going to improve your quality of life.  You never know the great heights it could have taken you.

People talk about degrees as making you educated.  I can tell you that I know some really broke people with degrees.  Some people believe that specific knowledge makes you smart.  I believe the test of the educated person is their ability to:

  1. Can you entertain a new idea?
  2. Can you entertain another person?
  3. Can you really entertain yourself?

What are your thoughts?

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