I love getting feedback from the field. As I get business building questions I think can help the entire field, I will start to post them here.

I recently became an IBO in your business. I see your vision and have the dream to live “THE LIFE”. I have 3 young children, I work as a professional firefighter here in Idaho and the truth is, it’s just not enough. Is the dream of financial independence just that for average americans like myself? I realize that if I work hard the company you’ve put your heart and soul in has promised to reward me. I am not a skeptic. I believe you get back what you put in regardless of what it is you’re pursuing in life. I would like to hear it from the source. Already I have experienced a “speed bump” or two as I begin building my business with Jus International. I sit here and type this and contemplate one decision. If I want to be free of money worries bad enough can the opportunity your company is offering take me there? I look forward to hearing from you.

J from Twin Falls, Idaho

I love this question. I remember when I first started network marketing. I remember how much I wanted it to work. I talked to people every day and made a ton of phone calls setting up meetings. However, it took a while before I started to see results. The results did start to happen in time, but not as fast as I wanted. If you are really hungry, it always seems to take too long. This industry is replete with stories of people who sponsor 80 percent of the people they talk to. I have never been one of those people. Diligence and persistence have always been the key for me.

Jus IBOs come to meetings now and and they see hundreds of people and think that is how it always was. Before we had our product developed and our marketing plan implemented, I was the only person attempting to recruit new people for our business. It was not easy in the beginning to sell an idea about the possibility of a new company. When you are sitting in front of the phone after experiencing some rejection, you must remember why you are doing this. “The Life” is different to everyone, but you cannot forget your dreams as you are putting together the foundations of greatness for your Jus business.

Persistence and belief is so important in this business. Get with someone in your upline that inspires you. Spend time each day reading books that teach you how to work with people. Take the product, eat right and exercise. The most important thing of all to help maintain your motivation is to remember WHY you are doing this. When you have the right why, the answers become more clear. This IBO seems to have 3 very good reasons. Taking care of them can be a huge motivator.

Thanks for the question, and I wish you huge success.