Epic – [ep-ik] – heroic; majestic; impressively great; spectacular; very impressive; awesome.

The pursuit of money is rarely a game to be played by the weak, sick or afflicted. To have a real hope of escaping the slavery of wages, it requires time and patience, which the unhealthy rarely have the luxury of possessing. Making real money takes a healthy heart to sustain the toxic hours, miles and heaping amounts of disappointment that bombard even the most healthy body and mind.

Without question there are exceptions to this rule. Stephen Hawking achieved wealth while confined to a chair and has used a mechanized voice to communicate for much of his life. He, however, is far from the norm. A determined soul with a powerful mind can overcome even the weakest body. In fact, I believe that the truly motivated person can overcome just about anything. Just be aware that the weak and afflicted are at a distinct disadvantage to the man or woman with a strong mind and body.

Focusing on your health is more than just the sexy body you get in the process. The right food will power you, the right nutrients will preserve you, the right fats will slim you, the right sleep will energize you, the right exercises will minimize anxiety and the right muscles help keep your lover in love. 🙂 (See Epic Rule 4 because we all need lots of love.)

Once you have made your wealth or you find yourself on a path to become rich, don’t be a fool and trade in your health for the pursuit of mighty dollar.

Many naive fortune seekers exchange their youth and vigor for the pursuit of cash. In the end, the truly fanatical entrepreneur must be careful to not lose the one thing money cannot fix on the path to riches, health. Nothing money can buy is more valuable than a life devoid of lifestyle diseases inflicted on our body by addictions to chemicals, food and accumulated bad decisions.

There is also ample evidence that success can be significantly slowed through obesity. Not only can obesity cause a lack of stamina and cause many health problems, but it can cost you business and hurt your image. Doubt me, check out this study found quoted in the Business Insider:

Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer, Ph.D. found, “…across our studies is that obesity serves as a proxy for low competence. People judge obese people to be less competent even when it’s not the case.”

The doctor’s study even suggests “that obese people are generally seen as less productive, more prone to interpersonal problems, lazy, and less intelligent than their thinner counterparts.”

Fair or not, people judge. Don’t give them something to use against you! Maintaining or fixing your body’s appearance can only help your success.

Riches, wealth and success are things that I want. I hope you do too. There is something noble in the quest of improving one’s lot in life and then helping others do the same. Money will help you buy good food, pay for needed vacations and give you the time you need to pursue your passions. Just remember that the delicate balance of health and wealth cannot be forgotten because one without the other is truly incomplete