Epic Rule #5 – Learn how to break up.

Epic – [ep-ik] – heroic; majestic; impressively great; spectacular; very impressive; awesome.

When I was single, I was not very good at breaking up. In fact, I was pretty awful at it. I hated hurting feelings so instead of doing the manly thing and being honest with a girl, I became distant and cold until they eventually broke up with me. I was a real wimp, I admit it. In the end, I likely hurt more feelings than by just doing the right thing.

In network marketing, you must learn to break up the right way.

If you want to burn yourself out real fast, spend your time with people that can’t afford to buy or do what you are selling.

In your network marketing business you are looking for one of three things from a prospect:

  1. Enroll in your business,
  2. Become a customer of your products, or
  3. Tell you “no”.

The faster you can get to one of the three results, the faster you can move on to someone who is interested in what you have. The longer you study sales and the art of connection, the better you will get at understanding when the person is just being nice, but really just hoping you will go away. Similar to my inability to break up with a girl when I was single, people do not want to hurt your feelings even when they are not interested.

Part of having enough time to spend with interested prospects, you must understand that not everyone will be a customer or representative in your business. Just because you are passionate about your product does not mean everyone else will be. Just because you think you have the answer to the world’s economic woes, does not mean everyone will catch your vision. Some people will simply not be interested in what you have, and that is okay.

If you want to be epic, you must follow your dreams with passion, have a strong testimony of your product that is not dependent upon your prospects always saying yes, and learning to dump the disinterested prospect in a professional way.