Ditch Digger – [dich dig-er] A metaphor for an Epic person of action.
Ditch – [dich] A metaphor for anything ethical needing to be done for you to become Epic.

For you to become Epic, you will need to dig some ditches. Manual labor is good for the soul but lousy for the bank account. However, if you are afraid to get your hands dirty now and then, you better have a big inheritance, because you are not likely to have much success in life and you will never become Epic.

Not long ago I was asked to invest in a business with one of the most intelligent people I know. Even though this person is incredibly smart and capable, I turned him down. Later when asked why I turned him down, my answer was simple, “If I’m in the business of digging ditches, I want my partner to be in the muck with me getting dirty, not standing on the bank pointing out the best place to dig.”

The book The Secret did more harm than good for a lot of people because it placed too much emphasis on thought and not enough on acts. Really concentrating on and wanting a thing does not make you have it. I 100% believe in the law of attraction that The Secret was trying to teach, but it placed too little emphasis on works.

Napoleon Hill said, “Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” He was spot on, however, your passion and belief should propel you to action, not to make you think you can sit on the couch trying to mentally will riches to you.

You can’t just want to be epic in order to make things happen. The secret sauce is in the doing, not just hoping and wishing for your goals to come true. Start your epic journey today by intelligently taking action and doing something productive, which will avoid a lot of wasted tomorrows just wishing you were epic.

Be epic and learn to dig ditches.