Few things will sink a company like having the wrong people. No matter if it is a grumpy receptionist or an ineffective director of sales, if you do not hire the right people dollars are waisted and productivity is doomed. For new entrepreneurs and those in direct sales looking to build a strong sales team, nothing can kill your dreams faster than spending months, and sometimes years, hoping your small team can help you stop loosing money and actually make a profit.

A recruiting process is vital to your business success. Although the process is very important for all positions in your company, it is of ultimate importance when hiring or recruiting a sales team. In my years of experience in corporate America, direct sales, startups and even companies funded by investors; I have learned that nothing seems to kill a company faster than the inability to sell their idea, product or service.

A good sales person recognizes that sales is a profession and it is the great way to make a phenomenal income, work less hours and have control of her schedule. A poor sales person wants to get into marketing or just manage other sales people. In a startup, the CEO is responsible for many things, but he or she is first and foremost Chief Salesperson. In startups if the CEO is not good with people and prospects, the company is more than likely doomed. If the CEO has trouble with sales, somebody on the executive team better have sales or operational sales management experience or the company will fail. The CEO must demand sales accountability of the executive team and the sales people who are recruited into the company.

If you are an army of one trying to sell your idea, learn how to sell and how to recruit others who love the benefits of sales. My next three articles will focus on an effective recruiting process that can be applied to all positions within your company. I will also place emphasis on finding the right sales team that can help explode your sales revenue and ultimately your profits.