“I want to make a lot of money!!!” Well, who doesn’t? However, if you really want to make money you should find a tangible goal that makes you excited. Money is intangible and doesn’t really excite you, but what it can buy does. One of the best ways to make more money is to set incremental goals associated with a tangible goal like a car or house. You should go out and actually touch your goal. It is called dream building.

I spent much of the last two days on phone calls with people that I mentor. Last week I had asked them to send me an email with their goals and then we could go through them together. There were some awesome goals people shared. Goals to help family, pay off debt, make $10,000 a month and other philanthropic goals. These are great, but having a material goal will help people actually accomplish these other more important goals.

One of the main things that most people lacked in my calls is specificity. In other words, they did not have details for their goals. One of the best ways to really get excited about something is to go out and touch it. Knowing the color of your future house, the type of leather in your new car or the name of the hotel for your future trip is important. It makes it real. The more real it is, the harder it is to abandon your goal.

The other thing most people lacked was a bit of selfishness. As a kid you weren’t afraid to have a few selfish goals. In fact, most kids’ goals are completely selfish and will not stop until they get what they want. As adults we think we have to make goals that sound good, but rarely make us excited. You ever wonder why you give up so easily?

You want to be able to do things for others? Well, put some money in your account, follow your dreams and make sure you are fun to be around. There is not much you can’t do for other people when you are someone people like and you have the money to fund your dreams.

Go out there and have some fun. Go find something that makes you excited. Here is a picture of my dream building today, it was fun thinking about accomplishing my goals and buying a truck that can jump. I wanted it as a teenager, why not have it as an adult.