Let’s face it, not everybody loves network marketing. Eventually we have to say, “Who cares if you don’t want to do what I do!” The idea of being a proctologist is not appealing to me. However, that doesn’t mean that what a proctologist does isn’t necessary, needed or a great way to may a living. Network marketers need to get over the fact that not everybody loves us. I can’t imagine too many proctologists are worried about how people see a nice cleansing colonic. 

Network marketers need to do a better job of creating real buzz about their product and experience instead of saying the same thing everyone else has for the past 50 years. For heaven’s sake, network marketing has “marketing” in its name, even if you call it multi level marketing.

There are few companies that are as adept at creating a buzz like Nike. What makes Nike great is not the quality of the shoes. Nike is great because they know how to create experiences. Nike knows they are NOT primarily a shoe or apparel company, they are an experience company. Every time a Nike customer puts on one of their shoes or clothing items, they mentally feel more athletic and fit. Why? Because Nike has thoroughly convinced them to feel that way and they deliver on creating experiences with their marketing. Why else would a 300 pound-couch-potato be wearing a tight fitting “Game On World” shirt? This guy couldn’t get off the couch and get a beer without getting winded, let alone take on a fit linebacker. Like Nike, we must be excellent at showing people how to have great experiences.

See how Nike magically portrays action and a better life through their sites, video and music. Notice how they never really even talk about themselves in the video below, but yet it made me proud of my Nike shoes:


I will finish with a great quote from a great book. Remember, you are what people perceive you to be, so quit trying to talk so much about yourself and focus on creating a great experience. Maybe someday people will in network marketing will get that concept.

“At the end of the day, it is all about the experience. A relentless focus on price and cost structures can easily degrade the customer experience to the point no one cares about you any more. People will pay a premium for a better experience. In fact it might be the only thing they will consistently pay a premium for. That’s a hard concept for the Excel crowd to get.” – Do You Matter? How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company