In this blogcast, Networking Star show host Jeff Boyle interviewed Patrick Combs, a master story coach, for a follow-up conversation to the first blogcast. In this episode, Patrick walks us through the process of developing your own master story.

Don’t fall into the trap thinking that your life is just ordinary and you don’t have any compelling or relevant stories, Patrick said. He has never met someone that doesn’t have a treasure trove of stories ready to be refined and leveraged.

The first step of developing your master story is sharing with a story coach multiple stories until you identify the one that moves people, is authentic, dramatic and helps the audience identify with you.

From there, Patrick has people then tell the WHOLE story without editing out parts that we think aren’t important or relevant. He said that we have a tendency to leave huge, critical gaps in our stories.

Then, once you have the whole story, a good story coach can help you determine which components are critical to keep the drama and relevancy to the audience, and which parts can be edited out.

And finally, they refine it down to a place where you have a powerful story that could be used in a wide range of settings that creates trust, authenticity, credibility moves people emotionally.

These are just a few of the highlights. Watch the blogcast to learn more!

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