I get a lot from mentors. Some mentors I am fortunate to speak with, some mentors give me their information via books and others have some great blogs. No matter where the source of the mentorship, I frequently seek out their wisdom. I have had the great opportunity in the last month to be with some very successful people preparing for our new show Networking Star and also just in the course of business. These people said some things that made me think, laugh out loud and motivated me to be better. Here are a couple of the memorable quotes from business phone calls and also from days filming Networking Star with mentors this last month.

Ron Sali – Capitalism makes you provide a quality service. If the client does not understand how you are helping their bottom line, they will spend their money somewhere else.

Doing what you said you will do is becoming more rare in business and life. You will never truly gain traction in business or life until you are good at delivering on your promises.

Mike Sheffield – Every day you learn something new in business. If you learn from your failures and mistakes it helps you serve your clients better. You also learn that there are some people you can’t serve not matter how hard you try. You have to be prepared to tell these malcontents to kiss your (place word of your choosing here).

Heather Eastman – It is very exciting when you make a decision to improve your health. It is even more exciting when you help others do the same.

John Gotts – Passion to succeed as an entrepreneur is essential. There will be ups and there will be downs in the life of an entrepreneur. However, if you are unwilling to put in the time and effort to succeed, you will never make it.