If you want to build an ultra profitable downline that creates generational income, one of the most vital components is to understand the personality profile of top producers. Once you have a knowledge of what typically makes up a superstar, you will know better how to recruit them, train them to take advantage of their skills, and best of all you will know what to expect from them if you do your part.

Most network marketers go by instinct on who will be the next superstar in their group. Hate to tell all you superstar spotters, you are typically wrong. These wrong decisions cost you a ton of time and money. In network marketing your bad choice not only wastes your time, but you typically lose sight of the real stars while you are toiling away with someone who will never live up to superstar status. Chet Holmes, a master business trainer, believes that in traditional business an average bad hire can cost a company $60,000. In network marketing the cost is more difficult to put a dollar number to, but realistically we lose a lot of money and time trying to force the wrong person into a superstar role.

Many superstars make the mistake of thinking that everyone else wants success as much as they do. As a full-time network marketer, I was shocked that not everybody wanted to show 45 plans a month and drive their wheels off to get to meetings all across the country. Holmes describes business superstars as people who are eager to please, always looking for more to do, always wanting more responsibility, always wanting to know more than you think they need to know. I would say that your future superstars in network marketing could be described similarly. Because a budding superstar has characteristics that can be viewed by some as annoying, we lose many of our future leaders by crowning the wrong person as our future star.

In network marketing we think that all of our downline can eventually turn into superstars. My advice there, stop it. Stop thinking the impossible. I believe that we need to improve the experience of all our downline the best we can, but not everybody in your downline will ever be a superstar. Never. I agree with Holmes when he says that superstars are an incredibly rare breed. You will be much better off learning how to spot superstar characteristics and then hold your future stars to a whole different level than regular distributors. Regular distributors will quit long before they will ever do what a superstar will naturally want to do.

My following posts will teach you how to spot and train future stars and how to hold them accountable until they don’t need you everyday. When your stars burn bright without you every day is when you know you are on your way.