jeffboyle-cartoon-cut“Every step you take should increase, not decrease, the breadth of your opportunities.”

~ Andy Tuck

In 2006 I had an important meeting with my brothers.  We had just finished working for another network marketing company helping them get off the ground.  It was so much fun to be reintroduced to network marketing and to be able work with so many entrepreneurs and people wanting to change their own life and the lives of others for the better.

When we were investigating the best model for a network marketing company, we frequently attended other companies’ meetings and corporate headquarters to see what they were doing right.  I continued to do that as CEO of Jus.  It helped me see so much that was right within network marketing.  I have continued to do it even today.  I am addicted to being around people who have a spark in their eyes and who are moving forward, not backward. That is why I want to make my living within network marketing, it is almost impossible to find another way to be around people continually who want to improve.

While working for another company, I attended a Xango meeting.  It was at that meeting that I saw person after person with a spark in their eyes telling me they believed in what they were doing and that they had a future.  It was incredible and helped me want to be in this industry as my livelihood.  I think everyone in our industry would be better if we would admit there is room for all companies that do things right and we quit attacking each other.  I believe Jus has benefited very much from people who learned how to be networkers in other companies.  I also believe that if the industry quit attacking each other and focused on our real competition such as television and complacency, we would be miles ahead and have the respect of more people outside of network marketing.

In 2006 we had a huge amount of obstacles we had to overcome to start Jus, but looking back, I would not have had it any other way, it was an incredible adventure that helped me overcome many of my personal obstacles and become a better person.  There were many times it would have been easy to give up before Aries made their valued investment, struggles to get the formula right and trying to convince people we actually had something different than what they had experienced before in network marketing. However, if we had given up, I would have missed so many incredible experiences with Jus and all the wonderful people who are now involved.

I recently wrote an entry on my blog called “Reinventing Myself“.  I have had some great comments on that article and even more people call me about it.  Some people have been concerned that I have allowed both positive and negative comments to be posted and not erased from that entry concerning Jus.  I have never erased negative comments on my blogs. Although there has rarely been any negative about the Jus drink, when there was, I posted the comments so I could address them.  I think that all information helps us know where we actually are so we can improve.  The comments by Jus IBOs that are viewed as negative by others should be read with interest so that any possible issues can be addressed and fixed.  If you don’t know you are off course, how can you fix your direction? I love Jus, I always will.  I write this article while sipping on my regular morning Jus shake I make.  However, if there is a way to improve, I was always interested in knowing what people felt so I could make an educated decision.

My blog entry “Reinventing Myself” really should have been called what I have today, “Continually Inventing.” Whatever your age or circumstance, we are not bound by the person we were, we can always improve and get better.  When self-growth is a goal, we may not feel we are improving very much, but when you really look back on your past, you will be shocked on how much you have grown.

Dare to continually evaluate yourself and who you want to become.  Have a big dream and take huge leaps of faith to make them happen.  As I transition to a new adventure, I look back to mistakes I have made in this process.  People who feel that I have not said what I should have said, or done what I should have done, I sincerely apologize.  I was passionate about helping Jus grow and if I messed up, please forgive me.  I look at the things said and done to me, some of them have been good, some have been great and some have been discouraging.  Whatever they were, thank you for helping me be where I am today.  My mistakes make me better and I have truly learned who I can count on during this process.  Thank you Jus family for letting me be a part of your lives and I truly hope you find the wealth you seek, no matter what that wealth is.  Just be sure that you remember to live life while you do it, it’s a great adventure!


Take a look at some of my favorite moments from the last three years:

Bottles, Bottles EverywhereThe first batch of Jus comes off the line – When the first bottles started to come down that line it was an amazing experience.  Phil and I made the trip to Florida to make sure everything was on track.  You have to know how wonderful it felt to see a dream actually coming true right in front of your eyes.  The air in the room was alive with the smell of Jus as it poored into the bottles.  Phil and I sat there and just stared in amazement.  Weeks and months of planning was coming to fruition right in front of our eyes.  It was incredible.  Everyone should be so lucky as to see one of their biggest goals they have ever set come to life in front of their eyes.  There were so many things that made it possible; proper funding, hard work and the belief of a few hundred people that had joined before we even had a product.

First meetingFirst Hotel Meeting – Greg Belzeski arranged this meeting.  People just kept coming and coming until there was no room for anyone else.  I had nothing to do with this meeting except to say a couple things to the crowd.  The company was brand new, but people believed.  You know that things are moving forward when more than 100 people show up to a meeting that all you did was show up.

Jake Hines is speaking in this photo and Greg Belzeski was likely somewhere making sure everything was perfect.  Jake and Greg are true leaders and they will help determine the future success of Jus.  Today there are many more Jus leaders and they will help make Jus something special for many other people.

Jus New OfficeJus Idaho Office – After being cramped in a small office for months to get the company started, it was incredible to start building out our new office in Boise.  It was so exciting to go each week and see all the new progress on the building.  When the walls went up and the projectors started to work it was so much fun.  Having the office with meeting rooms for the IBOs has proven great for Jus’ growth.

Since this time, Jus has opened offices in Tokyo, Taipai and now in Utah.  Each time an office opened it was fun to be a part of that process.  It gives the IBOs a place to call their own and a place for out of town IBOs to see as the hub of activity.

I genuinely hope that the current offices get overrun with growth and bigger spaces are needed throughout the world.