Paying up to 56% the Jus comp plan is pretty amazing.  A mistake that we have made in the field recently is that we have focused almost solely on the product rather than helping people truly understand how much money they can make with the comp plan as well.

I recently found some statistics on the internet on why people join network marketing and even though we have the best product on the market, most people will join network marketing because of the money.  As economic times get harder, it is vital that we spend more time helping people understand that we not only have the best product on the market and what it will do for their health, but that we also have an industry leading pay out plan.

Primary reason for joining an MLM program (Men, Women, All):
a.    More money: 59% 29% 49%
–  “More money” responses included those, which involved any financial gain, such as “funds to invest,” or “retirement account.”
–  Women seemed to see money more as a means to an end. They tended to answer more from the heart, with what they wished to achieve with the money they earned.
b.    More free time: 10% 36% 19%
–  “More free time” responses included such goals as “waking up later,” “spending more time with family,” or “work at home/no more commuting.”
c.    Material Goods: 21% 15% 18%
d.    Purchase products: 6% 12% 8%
e.    Other: 4% 8% 6%
– “Other” usually involved personal goals such as “Security,” “Self esteem,” or “meet more people.”