In this episode, Jeffery Boyle interviews with Tony Cannuli, who has served as vice president of MLMIA. Tony has also been a very successful representative in the field, a consultant for businesses and has conducted interviews on his own show featuring entrepreneurs.

During the interview, Tony mentioned that the big difference between a network marketing business and a traditional business is the capital investment. This home-based opportunity allows anyone to become an entrepreneur. The down side from not having that huge capital investment is that people often don’t take it seriously.

The point he emphasized was that to be successful, you really need to treat your business as if you just invested $100,000 or a half a million dollars into it. Treat it like you would a traditional business!

In addition, in traditional business, you go get an education and spend hundreds if not thousands of hours to learn the skills you need to succeed. Tony said that to be successful in Network Marketing you have to be serious about improving your skill set. Invest in yourself, read and learn everything you can about the industry and how to be successful!

Jeffery and Tony also discussed the recent news with the FTC ruling against Vemma. Both hold Vemma CEO BK Boreyko and the executive team in high regard. Whatever the final ruling is, Tony said that you will see changes in the industry. Moving forward, you will see an even stronger emphasis on consumers and the value of the product.

Towards the end of the interview, Jeffery asked Tony what excites him most about the industry today. His response – the technology is absolutely amazing. There are so many things you can do now with technology that you couldn’t do before. But Tony quickly followed that comment up by saying technology is just a tool and this is a one-on-one, people-to-people business. The tools cannot replace the importance of human element of the business.

Check out the video to get the rest of the gold nuggets that Tony dropped during the interview!

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