Low expectations yield low results. Very few network marketers have the guts to challenge their people, consequently their groups remain small and underachieve. Instead of setting high expectations they keep their downline protected from responsibility and challenge in the hope that the people will stay in and not be overwhelmed. Our goal as marketers should be to set the bar high for our people and us. We want leaders who work hard, not thousands of people dependant upon us forever.

It’s amazing how so many marketers allow themselves to think that by protecting their people from having to work hard that they can somehow find someone to step up. Protecting your people from responsibility and accountability will only give you average people. Average in network marketing is not good. For example the average Monavie Distributor’s check in 2008 was $30. In 2009 that average check dropped to $23. Ouch. Expect the highest possible commitment from your people and some of them will step up, others will wash out. Many of your marketers will quit even if you don’t challenge them, what do you have to lose?

If you study income disclosure statements you will see something pretty amazing. Take Monavie again as an example. Monavie claims that the average Distributor works 4 hours a week. Four hours a week in Monavie will gross you $1,214 a year. Not good. That check will barely cover your gas expense going to meetings. However, step up your weekly productivity to 9 hours a week and they claim you will gross $53,413 a year. Getting pretty good. The small difference of 5 extra hours a week makes an exponential earning difference in Monavie (if their numbers are accurate). What is even more amazing is that they claim with an additional 3 hours a week to a total of 12 and your average annual check will be $104,759.  Triple that number and they claim you will gross a cool $1,486,366. They do not say how many years you have to work 27 hours a week to earn this kind of cash, but my point remains: top earners are willing to do more, don’t hold your people back.

When we focus on creating networking studs we will have an elite corp of superstars that overcome obstacles by themselves without being dependent on a stretched upline. Chet Holmes claims that when we have a few right people who will step up to a challenge, they can be put in a bad situation with poor tools, no training, and bad resources and still, within a few months, they begin to outperform your best people or build your company in ways you never dreamed possible. Sponsoring or spotting the right people in your downline is not about luck. It’s about understanding the personality characteristics that fit elite network marketers and having the guts to challenge your potential superstars to see if they possess those characteristics.

If you challenge someone and they fail, continue to love them and encourage them. With encouragement and attendance at training events, hopefully they will continue to put in a couple hours a week. Maybe some day they will grow into a new level of production. However, you must continue your search NOW for superstars that will commit at least 20 hours a week to the business. Superstars are hard to find, but they do exist. Your job is to find them and train them. You can’t do that by fooling yourself into believing everyone is ready for that role now.