Training and personal development systems are critical for success in any job, but especially in network marketing. In this blogcast, Networking Star show host Jeff Boyle interviews Erik Cloud, who has a passion for this topic.

So often in network marketing, you hear about the system that is in place to provide training and personal development. Unfortunately, often that system is simply a disjointed grouping of strategies and tactics that isn’t clear and doesn’t lead to easy duplication.

Erik Cloud created a business building system called FAST Track, which is an acronym for Foundation (your core of the business), Action (the business building cycle), Sharpen (read, listen and participate) and Teach (learning how to duplicate).

Watch the blogcast to learn more about this system that Erik has created and important components to success that he has learned along the way.

Erik can be found at is currently helping infuse a culture and training system for Asantae (

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