michael-jackson-scaryHow many rich people do you know that are completely miserable?  How many broke people do you know that are completely happy?  There are rich people that have everything that must drug themselves to find peace, Michael Jackson and Elvis showed us that.  There are also many rich people that love life and are completely happay.  What we do know is that money and your biography will not determine your true destiny.

It is very typical for us to believe that someone has it better than we do.  The grass, for most people, is always greener on the other side of the hill.  The recent death of Michael Jackson is very similar to the death of another beloved figure, Elvis.  Both men had adoring fans across the world.  Both men had more money then what could be spent in many lifetimes.  Both men were so miserable they had to use drugs to sleep and find peace.  What a terrible waste.

We only know about Jackson and Elvis because they were such public and famous personas.  There are many other rich and poor people who spend their days focused only on what could be.  Although not everyone has the luxury of loving what they do every day, all of us can have a passion in life.  We can all desire an increase and expansion, but we cannot forget to have gratitude for what we already have.

If you hate what you do for a living, find something you truly love to do in your free time.  When you love what you are doing, time will disappear.  You will find that your love helps you focus on constantly improving and you can find yourself not constantly wishing for a better life because you are making it happen.  You will also find that you disappear into your love and you become something better almost by accident.

Determination and passion are like muscles that can be developed.  Anthony Robbins calls this psychological strength.  Stephen Covey talks about replacing your paradigms or habits.  No matter what you call your new vision of you, it will take determination and persistance and you can develop your mental muscles.

What each of us must understand is that we have patterns in our life that make us succeed and fail.  These patterns can cause grief and happiness.  They also can give us new energy or sap our strength.  What we must do is recognize that these patterns are there and look for them when we are feeling a certain way.  When you recognize your patterns, you will understand how to change your life.  When you recognize what makes you tick, it will be easier to help others recognize their own patterns.  Recognize patterns in others and you will be able to show them how to accomplish their goals.

Think of something that makes you happy.  Close your eyes and concentrate on that thing or person.  Mentally draw a picture of it in your mind.  Imagine yourself spending time with that thing or engaged in a fun activity with a person that makes you happy.  If you really did this simple exercise you will notice that your complete physiology changed.  You became more relaxed.  Your problems temporarily went away.  You were happy. The opposite happens when you concentrate on negative things in your life.  Study yourself and your emotions.  What topic makes you upset and angry?  Now find a way to get that negative pattern catalyst out of your life.

When you begin to recognize the patterns and change your life you will not need outside influences to make you happy.  When you know what people need and show them how to get it, you will have tremendous positive influence in the lives of others.  If you can influence yourself first, then you have power.

Do you have the guts to realize you are the reason you are where you are?  Do you have a positive influence in your life that can tell you that you are messing up?  Do you have the courage to get off the couch and change your destiny by getting the negative catalysts out of your life?


Decision is the force to change your destiny.

Get the GUTS to be in an environment that makes you feel alive so you don’t have to fill it with food, or alcohol, or sports on television.

You must act during the time of decisiveness.

You must make more moments of decisiveness.

Leaders are paid to make the right decisions.  They make the wrong ones, so they make another one.

If you are going to lead, you must make decisions.


NEED MOTIVATION – You don’t need to be fearing for your life, maybe it is just a new pair of running shoes.