In this episode, Networking Star’s Jeff Boyle interviews Priscilla Harrison, a 7-figure earner and very successful direct marketer. Priscilla and Jeff talk about helping people renew their faith in what’s possible and to start dreaming again.

On the wall where Priscilla gives many home presentations, she has the words Dream, Faith, Imagine and Believe. Each represents the steps we need to go through to renew our faith in our dreams, she says.

And in this blogcast, she tells Jeff how she built up the confidence to believe in herself as a network marketer. When she started, she was a dental hygienist and she wanted something more. It started by wanting to just get her product paid for. She did that and then wanted $500 a month. She achieved it and then she wanted to replace her full-time income as a hygienist. When she achieved that goal it hit her – she could do so much more.

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