Network marketing as a concept is brilliant.  People sharing something they believe in with friends and family. However, in practice it can often fall short.  As top distributors and executives, we can do better at helping people avoid failure. It will just take a commitment to real mentoring and training which is far more than just organizing big group meetings.

Network marketing fails when untrained marketers use up their credibility collateral with friends and family and think they have nobody left to talk to. New marketers are often not skilled enough to sell enough product or to enroll sufficient distributors into their business to make money. As network marketing leaders we must get better at mentoring our people to gain the skills needed to become profitable.

Last year I attended a Zrii function where Anthony Robbins addressed the audience.  He told the crowd that if you can influence yourself first, then you have power. He said that if can you get yourself to do what is necessary, you will have power to succeed.  The problem that most new marketers have is that for most of their lives they have had employee patterns stamped into their psyche. A person that has been told when to be at work and when to go home will not likely start off well without someone there to guide him or her every step of the way.

In my last post, I wrote that to be happy we must develop our psychological muscles that determine good or bad patterns. We determine our happiness and we can change our mood and demeanor.  We get into patterns in our life. These patterns can make you succeed, fail or even create despair.  I believe a problem that we have in network marketing is that those who have been profitable in network marketing do not spend enough time with the new person to help them establish proper patterns because of being stretched too thin.  However, we must make time or systems that create time for the new people.  You simply cannot change years of programming with one motivational weekend.  It can take many repeated trainings to get our new people to where they need to be mentally in order to make network marketing a career.

Robbins also told the crowd that we must act during the time of decisiveness. I agree with him and the time when most people make the decision to build is right when they sign up with a company.  However, most new marketers wait too long after enrolling to act due to fear of the unknown.  We must get better at establishing success patterns with our new people from day one with regular training.  Huge group meetings are great, but daily patterns are not influenced by occasional motivation.

We need to teach our people to make more moments of decisiveness.  Big marketers are paid big commissions because the make many right decisions.  If you are going to lead, you must make decisions, even if some of them are wrong.  Most new marketers are too afraid to make decisions day in and day out.  We can help them learn to be a leader, and we must commit to regular training to grow now and long term.

Join me on my next post when I talk about what we should have our people doing each day to establish proper patterns and after that I will discuss how to implement regular training and still have a life.