Did you know that if you are a mentor in your field you are 600% more likely to succeed? So, why is being a mentor so important to personal success?

I believe the answer is simple. You are more successful when you are a mentor because you are forced to put your money where your mouth is. A good mentor does not want to be a hypocrite and must perform or lose credibility.

For the past three years I have consulted network marketing and MLM companies on how to create prospecting tools for their groups and downlines. We have built some beautiful network marketing tools and systems. It has been easy for me to make the tools and say, “They work if you work them, go for it. I have had success with my network marketing ventures using them, so can you.”

I still believe that my clients would be successful if they used my tools properly, but about 6 months ago Stephen, my video production manager, asked me after an interview why I wasn’t building downlines any more when he said, “Jeff, you have built large groups, why aren’t you doing it any more?”

I hummed and I mumbled a little bit and then had to admit that I probably should again. I knew what it would take to build a group and it has frankly been easier (though less lucrative) to just tell other people what they had to do and then go home and wonder why they weren’t doing it.

Four months ago I took my own advice and started building groups. In the past four months, my group has grown significantly and it has been fun. I have seen failure and I have seen success. I have been excited and I have been discouraged. Best of all, I am loving working with people from my downline and even distributors from other companies again and I feel like I am being true to my own advice. It feels great.

If you want to be successful, be a mentor. Give great advice to others, and then actually do what you are telling others to do. It’s magical.