What’s the secret to balancing family and network marketing at the same time? For this and other valuable success tips, Networking Star show host Jeffery Boyle interviewed Kierston Kirschbaum, a mother of 4 kids and a very successful doTERRA representative with downline members in countries all over the world.

Kierston told Jeff Boyle that she started with d?TERRA as a mom looking for natural solutions for her kids. She used the essential oils and found amazing results every time. From there it was easy to talk with her friends and share them with others because she had a passion for them. And it turned into a large organization for many reasons, but one of which is because the products work.

But she has four kids, with ages ranging from 8-years-old to a 1-year-old, so we know she’s quite busy being a mother. How does she and her husband, balance their family life with a network marketing career?

What has worked for her is to compartmentalize. When she working on her business, she’s 100% focused. When she’s a mom, she’s also focused. On the business side, she can stay focused because she knows her kids are being taken care of, whether it’s with her husband, a babysitter or nanny. Of course, she remains the primary teacher for her kids.

Kierston Kirschbaum told Jeff Boyle that when she and her husband are traveling, it’s a mix. Sometimes they bring the kids and have help where we travel – and we have family time sometimes during the day and do our meetings in the evening. Other times, they opt to leave their kids with a babysitter or nanny at home.

Kierston said she recently brought her 1-year-old baby to an event and everyone loved it because it was a conversation starter. It worked for that event, but not all events are baby-friendly.

In addition, Kierston also gave three network marketing success tips.

#1 Network Marketing Success Tip – VISION. You have to have a good vision. This often comes from going to your company’s events. It fuels your fire, so go to as many as you can. Try to fuel your fire as much as possible in other ways because that vision is critical to your success in MLM industry.

#2 Network Marketing Success Tip – HAVE A STRONG WHY. Kierston said it was her strong why that kept her going, even when others didn’t show up to an event or when things weren’t going as well as she hoped. It didn’t matter because she had no excuses. She was going to make be successful no matter what because her why was so strong.

#3 Network Marketing Success Tip – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS KEY. Kierston said she recognizes she doesn’t know everything, so personal development is constant. She listens to podcasts, trainings, CDs, etc. at least 30 minutes a day. And she sometimes is doing dishes while she’s listening because she knows it’s key.

Kierston shared much, much more. Watch the blogcast to learn more.

You can find Kierston Kirschbaum at http://essentialoilexpert.com

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