I have been a part of network marketing for more than a decade now, and it does not matter which company you are building, your pain points are usually the same.  What I am about to suggest will absolutely, positively grow your revenues if you implement it properly.  Your group will grow faster and with a proper foundation better than by using any other tool you can buy.  It does not matter if you are a newbie, a top distributor or a company executive; if you have the discipline to implement accountability your company and downline will grow.

Accountability is the secret to success.  Not-so-sexy secret you may think, but I am here to tell you it is true.  People respect what you inspect.  People join network marketing wanting to succeed but have never been properly educated on what it takes to succeed.  Consequently, most people end up failing, some stats even go so far as to say that 97% of those who are a part of network marketing fail to ever make a profit.  This does not have to be the case.  There is a way to improve performance but it takes discipline and bullish desire to help your people be better educated.

I spent 6 years as a full time Amway distributor, significant time as a company founding executive and CEO, and 2 years helping network marketing companies succeed in everything from training to brand consulting.  Most recently I have been visiting companies learning about what is out there, going to their meetings, listening to their sales pitch, reading their material, researching their building tools and  generally speaking, just listening. No matter what company I visit, no matter the product or service, the majority of people enroll in a company with the hope of making money.  I wish that more people would join due to the sheer excellence of the product, but unfortunately that is not typically the case which means we must truly be dedicated to educating our people on what they must do to achieve profitability or even have a better product experience.

I have been able to speak to some of network marketing’s top distributors.  I asked many of them what were their top pain points to building a successful business.  Outside of product problems and silly corporate gaffes, the top answers are:

  1. Lack of accountability from downline.
  2. Stretched too thin to spend quality time with real leaders.
  3. How to effectively identify future leaders.
  4. System adulteration in depth.

I can’t tell you how many times I drove four hours to have nobody show up to an opportunity meeting.  I wasn’t too surprised to hear top distributors from other companies experience that all the time.  So how can accountability help solve the problems above?  How can proper accountability solve the age old problem of spending a month with a person who says the right things and does none of them?  And, how in the world do you get people on level 42 to teach the same thing that you want taught on level 2?

So many questions, but so little time.  I will address each of the pain points above, but because I know people don’t like to read a lot and I am now 560 words into this article, I’ll start my answers tomorrow and teach you how implement accountability into your downline. Stay tuned, because it works.