Relationships either add or distract from your life. When the right people surround you improvement is inevitable. You become a better person simply by associating with them. However, associating with the wrong people is far more detrimental than most people understand.

Consider the following story I recently read:

Two monks from a brotherhood were on a journey by foot to visit a distant monastery when they came upon a beautiful lady standing by a stream. She expressed how happy she was to see them because she too was on a journey, but would not cross the stream alone. When one brother offered to carry her, he ever so quickly remembered the vows he took which would prevent him from touching a woman.

After some thought he picked up the maiden and crossed the stream, much to the surprise of his brother. Continuing on their trip, his fellow brother nagged him for miles about breaking his vows. The brother stopped, and looking at his friend said, Brother, I only carried the maiden fifty feet. You have been carrying her for the last fifty miles.

How many well-intentioned people do you have in your life that are weighing you down with negativity? People telling you to not take a chance or take that leap of faith that may change your life and make you better.

Have the courage to make big changes that will advance your life. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you and help you see abundance. If someone you love is bringing negativity into your life, help that person understand your need for positivity and encourage them to have faith in your personal progress.

Good surrounds you if you look for it. Great things can happen to you. Look for the best in others and insist on greatness in your life.

Dedicated to your success,
Jeffery Boyle